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How to Find a Traditional Medicare DME Provider

Please watch this 1 minute video tutorial or follow the directions below to find a Traditional Medicare DME provider.


Click here to find a supplier
  1. Please click the button above "Click here to find a supplier" to open the DME page.
  2. Type in your members ZIP Code.
  3. Select the appropriate product category and click the green search button.
  4. On the right hand side of the screen, click the distance drop down box and select the appropriate distance. Further distance selections will yield more supplier choices.
  5. Underneath the distance drop down box there is a Medicare Assignment check box.  Medicare Assignment means the supplier will accept the Medicare-approved amount as full payment. Selecting this checkbox will reduce the total amount of suppliers available.
  6. Click the green Update Results button.
  7. Click on the blue bar that appears with your category and the # of results.
  8. Choose your DME Provider.

***Please note. Please call the DME provider to verify coverage before sending a referral.


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